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The Team

Tom Pollack

I have been chasing musky for more than 10 years. I caught my first musky boatside on a topraider at dusk and have been hooked ever since. Living in the Wausau area gives me close access to the waters of the Wisconsin River. I also spend a lot of time in the northwest corner of the state fishing the waters of Barron and Polk county.

To date my biggest accomplishment in musky fishing is finishing sixth overall in the 2012 Eagle River National Championship musky tournament. I also caught the largest fish in my lake family that year. Besides the national championships, I also fish other tournaments each year.

I am active in giving back to different organizations, including the Wounded Warrior Project, Jiggin for Jayden, and Operation Injured Soldier.


Patrick Pollack

I was born and raised in Colby, Wisconsin, being very fortunate to have parents that loved to go camping. That is where my passion for fishing began. My two younger brothers and I were in the boat every chance we got.

After graduating high school, I went off to the Marine Corp. After completing boot camp in San Diego California, I was stationed on Camp Pendleton California, serving four years in the Marine Service Support Group – 15.  During my time in the Marine Corp, I was deployed on ship twice. The deployment was called a West Pac, the first deployment was to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm 1990–1991. The second deployment was in Mogadishu Somalia 1992 – 1993 Operation Restore Hope. The time I spend in the Marine Corp was a learning experience that is invaluable to who I am today.

Back in Wisconsin, I picked up right where I left off hunting and fishing as much as possible. All it took was catching my first musky on the figure eight to get me hooked. Although we fish in many tournaments, the most rewarding feeling is giving back through Nauti Lures. As a disabled veteran myself, I like helping other disabled veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.


Nate Upton

I am the “rookie” of Team NautiLures. I am proud to have been born and raised in Central Wisconsin. I now reside at Lake DuBay. I have spent most of my childhood in the outdoors from catching bluegills at the local pond and chasing the migrating salmon of Lake Superior’s tributaries. As an avid hunter and multi-species angler, I have never intentionally targeted muskies until buying into NautiLures in the spring of 2015. I have caught a few muskies in my day, but no monsters yet. Stay tuned as the hunt is on!